Washer Repair. Five Most Common Problems With Washer


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In this particular episode of Kung Fu Maintenance classes, KFM shows the different treatment needed to prevent laundry leaks when the washing machine cycle attempts to return and transfer dirty water to the drain for proper cleaning of clothes trading dirty for clean. No degree is needed to watch these videos and the emphasis is on safety to prevent the need for an insurance claim.
How To Videos with an emphasis on safety to prevent you’re ever needing an Accident Attorney.

One ~ 0:22 Washing machine does not spin ~ caused by a broken lid switch.

Two ~ 1:05 Agitator not agitating ~ caused by broken agitator dogs.

Three ~ 1:50 Clogged drain line ~ caused by penny or item down a drain.

Four ~ 2:01 Water leak ~ many different causes, loose hose, cracked pump, etc..

Five ~ 2:09 Washer wobbling ~ most often cause is items out of balance.

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